YUDO GIGA series

  • GIGA series
    GIGA series is a top robot that is highly recognized with its outstanding performance.
    It has also been considered as the most reliable product that is optimized for high-speed and high-precision injection molding.


    • High-speed blowdown cycle time realization. (maximum of 40% reduction)
    • Adopted slimmed bridge structure.
    • Safety and energy-saving function — work zone, restricted zone setting, servo sleep, and power consumption display.
    • Convenient function for user — alarm transmission, maintenance information, robot monitoring, history management, and so on.
    • Adopted front axis AC servo as well as the front and the rear operating method.
    • Vibration control function. (maximum of 15 times vibration reduction)

    General specifications

    Main functions

    • Mold protection function
      Sudden stop of servo motor by detecting the conflict in a moment because of handling and setting error → mold and robot damage minimization

      Energy-saving function
      Servo sleep function that works in standby status → energy-saving effect

      Alarm transmission function
      Transmission of alarm content to the manager when the alarm occurs (smart device response)
    • Damping control function
      Vibration reduction Max. 15 tines