Sumitomo SE-DUZ Series

SE-DUZ Series
Direct-Drive All-Electrics

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag’s SE-DUZ Series direct-drive all-electric injection molding machines, available in model sizes from 20 to 33 US tons, deliver unmatched precision, high-speed performance, exceptional energy efficiency and increased overall productivity.

[NOTE: The 55 to 198 ton SE-DUZ models have been replaced by the new SE-EV Series.]

Raising the bar for injection molding machine control, the SE-DUZ is equipped with the Z Control, an easy-to-use PC-based control that provides a new level of injection molding precision with low-pressure filling and reduced clamp force. Unique attributes of the Z include:

Like the predecessor SE-DU, the SE-DUZ features four direct-drive, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag AC servo motors with full closed-loop control and digital sensors. Plasticizing, injection, clamping and ejection are controlled by these motors, and each motion except plasticizing uses a ball screw. All four motors are beltless, providing superior mechanical efficiency, repeatability and durability, and avoiding the problems associated with belt adjustment and dust.

Unique to Sumitomo (SHI) Demag’s advanced motor technology is a lighter, compact, low inertia design with the best mechanical configuration for each motion. The result is an exceptionally energy efficient, low inertia system that:

  • Provides the high speeds, pressures and torque for the most demanding applications
  • Draws power only as it is needed
  • Is easier and faster to stop and start
  • Provides exceptional precision and repeatability

Other important features and capabilities of the SE-DUZ include:

  • Patent-pending clamping force correcting system for constant clamp force control
  • New algorithm and software for the servo control that achieves faster response and improved stability
  • New, wider selection of injection unit/screw combinations
  • New SE-DUZ-HD (High-Duty) models that feature high hold pressures that exactly match injection pressures. These models are designed for thick parts with a longer cycle time.
  • High-speed, low vibration clamping and a Center Press Platen design
  • Wider distance between tie bars
  • Specialized features such as synchro-plast and multi-toggle clamp force control are provided as standard

The SK-II advanced injection control is available as an option to help molders achieve the highest levels of injection fill precision and peak pressure stability. (Control software standard; screw tip optional.)

The SE-DUZ is backed by a comprehensive Customer Satisfaction Program with Sumitomo’s standard-setting warranty program, worry-free parts, responsive field service and financing availability – plus advantages such as expert processing assistance.

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