Sumitomo SE-EV-HD Series

New SE-EV-HD Electric Injection Molding Machines
High-Duty (HD) Series for Thicker-Walled Parts

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag’s new SE-EV-HD electric injection molding machines are designed for thicker-walled parts and parts with a combination of thick and thin walls. Ideally suited for parts with cycle times 15 seconds and up, this high-duty series provides longer and higher pack and hold pressures — including full pressure for up to 40% of the molding cycle — while maintaining exceptional molding stability.

Available in 112, 146 and 202 U.S. ton models (1000, 1300 and 1800 kN), the SE-EV-HD combines the high-pressure capabilities of a hybrid/hydraulic with all the advantages of an all-electric: energy efficiency, clean/quiet operation, less maintenance and operating costs, and improved precision and repeatability. The high-power, injection servo system enables longer hold times and prevents sink marks and cosmetic issues with thick-walled parts.

Other advanced features of the SE-EV-HD include:

  • High-contact nozzle force with selectable settings
  • A high-speed direct-drive motor for clamping
  • Field-proven high-precision clamping unit
  • Plated, bush-less tie bars for a clean molding area
  • Toggle linkage lock-up mechanism that uses no electricity to hold clamp closed
  • Wider tie bar spacing and improved platen support system (linear guidance) for large, complex and heavier molds
  • Standard 4×16 in. ejector pattern (SE180EV-HD)

Key to the precision and molding stability of the SE-EV-HD are the full Z-molding capabilities and the ISC II servo controller. Designed to help molders achieve zero-defect molding and optimum machine performance, Z-molding combines three unique systems:

  • Z-Molding’s Flow Front Control (FFC) System takes advantage of the energy in the flow front of the resin to complete filling in an even fashion as opposed to forcing material into open areas and thus flashing or over-packing the areas that were already filled
  • Z-Molding’s Minimum Clamping Molding (MCM) System works together with the machine’s Clamp Force Correcting System to compensate for the thermal expansion of the mold. Using a high precision rotary encoder and tie-bar-mounted strain gauge sensor, this feedback system keeps clamping force constantly stable, even at low clamp force settings
  • Z-Molding’s Simple Process Setting (SPS) System allows easy setup and operation while helping the operator avoid oversights and mistakes

SE-EV-HD customers also receive the benefits of:

  • Attractive financing options
  • Sumitomo (SHI) Demag’s extensive service and support network
  • North American stock machine availability with a choice of screw/barrel combinations
  • The comprehensive 24/48 Warranty that comes with all SE Series machines

Please use the SE-EV-HD Info links above at left for more information about this series of high-precision all-electric injection molding machines for thick-walled parts.