Sumitomo SE-EV Series

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag’s SE-EV all-electric injection molding machines (56 to 202 U.S. tons) redefine precision, energy efficiency and molding stability with a variety of innovative features supplied as standard.

One such standard feature of the SE-EV is its Z-molding capabilities. Z-molding provides exceptional molding precision with low-pressure filling and reduced clamp force, and is designed to help molders achieve zero-defect molding and optimum machine performance. Unique attributes of Z molding include:

  • Flow Front Control (FFC) System (patent pending) that optimizes the flow front further allowing control of low internal pressures inside the cavities
  • Minimum Clamping Molding (MCM) System which helps avoid flash, burn spots and shorts shots, and can reduce mold wear, cycle time and power consumption
  • Simple Process Setting (SPS) System which allows easy setup and operations while helping the operator avoid oversights and mistakes

The SE-EV has also achieved up to a 20% reduction in energy use over previous all-electric models due to:

  • Sumitomo-built motors with exceptionally low rotational resistance
  • Decreased friction in the linear guidance system
  • Decreased friction through the use of bush-less tie bars
  • Barrel design with improved heat efficiency
  • And toggle linkage lock-up mechanism that uses no electricity to hold the clamp closed

Ensuring application flexibility, the SE-EV Series was designed with wider tie bar spacing and an improved platen support system (linear guidance) for large, complex and heavier molds. The SE180EV also has a standard 4 x 16 inch ejector pattern.

Other new features of the SE-EV include:

  • Standard injection speeds up to 500 mm/s, plus an HP model offering speeds up to 1000 mm/s
  • 50% reduction in grease consumption
  • High-capability, intuitive and easy-to-use controller available in 15 languages
  • Standard high nozzle contact with selectable force setting
  • 10% smaller footprint

Additionally, the new SL screw assembly is selectable as a standard option on the SE-EV Series. This innovative plasticizing system reduces shear heat, improves molding stability, prevents burn spots and stagnation of the melt in the barrel, and allows exceptionally fast color and/or resin change-out.

The SE-EV is backed by a comprehensive Customer Satisfaction Program with Sumitomo’s standard-setting warranty program, worry-free parts, responsive field service and financing availability – plus advantages such as expert processing assistance.

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