Dri-Air Hopper Mount Dryers
Dri-Air Hopper Mount Dryers

Hopper Mount Dryers

Dri-Air Hopper Mount Dryers

AHM dryers save valuable floor space by combining the dryer with the hopper – No Compressed air required!

  • Press / Extruder mounted dryers free up floor space and are available for process rates up to 40 lbs/hr.
  • Industry-standard 2-bed (ARID-X) Series dryers feature our UDC Control as standard.

Energy efficiency:

  • Most energy efficient dryer in the market (when compared to compressed air, rotary wheel, vacuum and other dual bed dryers)
  • Single blower design for process and regeneration air
  • On-demand regeneration based on ambient conditions, materials and process rates – not a fixed time cycle!
  • Low, below -40°F dew points are assured as dry air, not ambient air is used for regeneration and cool down of desiccant towers

System Features:

  • Balanced design – reduces stress on feed throat
  • UDC – Ultra dryer control includes:
    – High temp alarm & shutdown
    – Cycle Status
    – Open Thermocouple detection
    – Closed loop control of valve position

Optional items include:

  • Water after-cooler, plasticizer trap