Portable Chiller and Temperature Control Units


The Microgel line offers a unique, space-saving approach that directly addresses the needs of plastics molders.


This compact, portable temperature control unit (TCU)/chiller combination (with a dual-zone option) maintains precise, microprocessor-controlled temperature at your molding machines.

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Compact, Portable & Precise Cooling

  • Save up to 60% of energy cost compared to central chillers – especially when you take advantage of “free cooling” opportunities when conditions permit.
  • Prevent scrap with repeatable, precise, machine-side temperature control and optimal pressure and flow for efficient, turbulent heat transfer.
  • Reduce equipment footprint with these multifaceted units, which take up about 1/3 the space compared to using separate portable chillers and temperature control units.

Microgel RCD

Versatile, compact two-zone water-cooled chillers to 105 kW (30 tons).

Microgel RCM

Single-zone models with cooling capacities from 8 – 220 kW (2 – 63 tons) and heating capacities to 24 kW.

Microgel RCX

Cooling and temperature control for pipe/profile extrusion tanks.

Microgel RAM / RAD

Compact, air-cooled chiller/TCU combination units for small molding machines or lab environments.

Microgel RCP

Packaged compact chillers ideal for PET preforms, blow molding and other demanding applications requiring high flow/pressure and accurate temperature control.