PMR Control System for Process Cooling

PMR Control System for Process Cooling

PMR microprocessor-based control makes maintenance and performance optimization easier than ever for anyone who uses Frigel central cooling systems.

The large, easy-to-read screen accommodates 10 different languages and comes with an ergonomic keypad that offers easy access to control screens and menus. The system controls all Ecodry functions, including fan speed and adiabatic chamber operation. In addition, process pumps are cycled automatically, including standby pumps, and up to eight Heavygel central chillers can be sequenced to balance operating hours.

Simplifying Maintenance & Maximizing Efficiency via the Web

  • Convenient, user-friendly remote monitoring
  • Our service team can track or manage a wide array of system parameters – fan speed, ambient temperature, pump pressure, flow, reservoir levels, valves and filter pressure differential – in real time
  • Allow our experienced technicians to resolve issues quickly while also proactively optimizing performance

Contact us today to start optimizing performance with PMR Remote Monitoring capability for your process.

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 Aquagel PMR Brochure (PDF)