Ecodry 3DK Closed Loop Liquid Cooler

More powerful, economical, energy efficient and environmentally friendly than cooling towers and other traditional process cooling technologies, the Ecodry from Frigel truly is Intelligent Process Cooling.

EcodryClosed-Loop Dry Cooling System

Bring Ecodry’s patented closed-loop adiabatic dry-cooling to your facility – backed by our deep process cooling engineering expertise – and discover how we can:

  • Save you money – By drastically reducing energy and water consumption, minimizing the need for costly chemical consumption, completely eliminating chemical discharges, offering an economical installation and eliminating the majority of maintenance compared to cooling towers
  • Create a competitive advantage – Through better quality and more uptime, due to consistent, precise water temperature control
  • Expand as you grow – Frigel’s modular approach allows production facilities to install economical systems that can be easily expanded
  • Improve environmental sustainability – By saving extensive amounts of water and requiring zero chemical discharges